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Yea Alabama

Yea, Alabama!
Drown 'em Tide!
Every 'Bama man's behind you,
Hit your stride

Go teach the Bulldogs to behave,
Send the Yellow Jackets to a watery grave.

And if a man starts to weaken,
That's a shame!
For Bama's pluck and grit have
Writ her name in Crimson flame.

Fight on, fight on, fight on men!
Remember the Rose Bowl, we'll win then.

So roll on to victory,
Hit your stride,
You're Dixie's football pride,
Crimson Tide,
Roll Tide, Roll Tide!!

Alma Mater

Alabama, listen, Mother,
To our vows of love,
To thyself and to each other,
Faithful friends we'll prove.

Faithful, loyal, firm and true,
Heart bound to heart will beat.
Year by year, the ages through
Until in Heaven we meet.

College days are swiftly fleeting,
Soon we'll leave their halls
Ne'er to join another meeting
'Neath their hallowed walls.

Faithful, loyal, firm and true
Heart bound to heart will beat
Year by year, the ages through
Until in Heaven we meet.

So, farewell, dear Alma Mater
May thy name, we pray,
Be rev'renced ever, pure and stainless
As it is today.

Faithful, loyal, firm and true
Heart bound to heart will beat
Year by year, the ages through
Until in Heaven we meet.

Helen Vickers, 1908


Happy Trails Tyrone!!! Still our Hero!

ESPN and other media are reporting that Tyrone Prothro has been moved to a medical scholarship lessening his chances of ever returning to the playing field.  We had always feared the worst, but Tyrone fans throughout the world had hoped that if anyone could come back from this type of injury, it would be Tyrone.

PTI just reported the story Friday afternoon and wished Tyrone "Happy Trails!".  They also spoke the truth in that Tyrone will never have to buy his own lunch in Tuscaloosa ever again.

On Thursday, Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban said that Tyrone Prothro has been taken off athletic scholarship and given a medical scholarship waiver, indicating that our hero may never play again.  Tyrone was one of four players placed on medical scholarships.

"When we put guys on these situations, the medical staff is 99 percent sure it's a long-term issue," Saban was quoted as saying before the first preseason camp was to start. "These players will continue to be a part of our program, and they'll continue to receive academic help, but in no way can they participate because of their medical condition."

Saban did say that players are allowed to go through an appeal process and that specifically of Prothro that there was still a rehab plan in place.

"Each person was talked to and agreed that this was the best thing to do, relative to their future," Saban said.  "Our medical staff would not put a guy on this if they thought they'd be able to come back and play.  We could not put them on the field and give everybody false hope that they could one day come back."

Regardless of the final outcome Tyrone, you will live forever in not just Alabama but college football lore thanks to "The Catch".

Every 'Bama fan's behind you, Hit your Stride!

Click here to view a tribute video furnished by Jim Williams of Albertville, AL
(8 Megs, Windows Media File)


Tyrone Prothro's 'The Catch' won the 2006 ESPY Award for Best Play beating out four other nominees.  ESPN's Sportscenter ranks Prothro's ESPY as number one on their Top 10 list.

The ESPYs were awarded on July 12th and will be televised Sunday night, July 16th.  Also winning an ESPY was former Alabama star and current NFL MVP Shaun Alexander for Best Record-Breaking Performance! Shawn was also nominated Best NFL Player.

Stop by the Fan Messages area and leave Pro another note!  We are processing your messages as fast as we can read over them!  Thanks for the support and thanks to all the fans who voted for Tyrone!


Tyrone's "The Catch" Selected as THE WINNER for the Final Pontiac "Game Changing Performance" of the Year.

As if it was not already etched permanently into football lore, Tyrone's catch against Southern Mississippi is now officially the winner of the final Pontiac "Game Changing Performance" of the Year.  Tyrone's famous catch and the support of hundreds of thousands of voters across the world have netted the University of Alabama a tremendous $100,000 scholarship contribution from Pontiac!  Congratulations Tyrone and the Alabama Nation!


Thanks to everyone who has written Tyrone on message on tyroneprothro.com!

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